We are a GOOD Provider!

We have undergone our routine OFSTED inspection on 19th July 2017 and are thrilled to announce we have attained a GOOD grading. Our OFSTED Inspector graded us GOOD in all areas of inspection with lot’s of positive feedback about our provision. The inspector looked at our;

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of Teaching, learning and Assessment
  • Personal Development, behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes for Children

Key Findings on the day were;

” Leaders and managers are good role models and they enable staff to provide good quality of learning and care for children. They have worked hard to create a culture of reflective practise and make improvements for the benefit of the children “

“Children develop good social skills that help them to make friends, Children develop good independence skills and learn to take responsibility for some aspects of care”

“Staff implement good-quality teaching and effectively support children’s learning, especially indoors”

“Partnerships with parents are very strong, Parents receive regular progress reports and are extremely pleased with their children’s learning and development”

We are extremely happy with our outcome and value the feedback shared from the inspector on how we can further develop our provision to continue achieving the best outcomes for our children. The full report can be accessed using the following link;