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Outdoor Classroom - Exploring Mud!

Outdoor Classroom - Exploring Mud!
The Magic of Dirt!

Exploring Mud supports positive mental health as the array of learning opportunities stimulate children's thinking, creativity and imaginative skills. The open-ended experiences a mud kitchen can offer means learning has no end! The physical benefits of being in the dirt are children being able to build a healthy immune system through exposure to natural bacterias.

Children's imaginations are a joy to be part of and the curiosity stimulated through being in the mud kitchen allows hours of role-play, problem-solving, make -believe and memories to last a lifetime. Dirt and Water is the perfect recipe for a tasty mud-pie and rainwater is quite the cup of tea! If you haven't tried it yet - there's a cup waiting just for you.

As we fill and pour the jugs and cups, our children are learning early mathematical skills, supported by the vocabulary of a leading adult that entices learning as we go. The variation of sizes means children of all ages have the tools and equipment to get involved and use their thinking skills to build on each other's ideas.

Take a hunt around the garden and trim back the shrubs, twigs, leaves and herbs that are around us. The introduction of natural resources stimulates the senses as we develop and strengthen our fine motor skills through feeling, cutting, snipping and making. A twig is not just a twig - A twig is a wand, a pen, a spoon, a sword, a ruler, a paintbrush, a stickman and so much more!!

Mud is a great malleable resource that can be used to mould, make, sculpt, create, excavate and build. We pride ourselves on sharing children's achievements so let's get creative in the outdoors and build those early creations to share and shout about the skills we learn in the early days. Mud Play alongside the wonder and joy it brings are just what early childhood memories are made of.

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