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Outdoor Classroom - The Third Teacher!

Outdoor Classroom - The Third Teacher!
All children love to splash and play in the water, especially when you can channel it to go wherever you want it to go!
Water Channelling allows the children to explore and investigate by reconfiguring their thoughts and ideas and testing out their thinking skills. Through teamwork and turn-taking, the children enjoy playing alongside each other and problem solving to reach the desired outcome.

Did you know Water Play stimulates the nerve-endings on hands to provide constant sensory feedback which most children will find enjoyable?

Water Play can be soothing and relaxing for children and is an open-ended material that allows children to go into their own world of play. Through playing and exploring alongside the adults children see role-modelled vocabulary to name and identify resources as well as capturing their experiences in words. Mathematics is introduced through filling and emptying and when we talk about full, empty, more, less, big and small!! The opportunities are endless.

The staff and children can often be found singing and exploring together; 'Five Little Ducks' alongside our number ducks is a great way to use props in play and role-modelling our songs. This helps to engage and motivate the children when learning through play, we even recreate our favourite stories such as 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as we climb through rivers and splash in puddles along the way.

Water Play can be enhanced and developed in so many ways by adding and removing resources alongside the children's interests. This week we have been catching water in buckets after channelling through the drainpipes, watching ducks swim as we pour water behind them and jumping up and down in muddle puddles just like Peppa Pig! 

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